Brooks & Bev2Two Bees Agricultural Research is a family run business. It is owned and operated by Brooks and Beverly Bauer. In addition, their two sons and a daughter work full time in the business. Darren serves as Research Farm Manager and oversees the field crew. Bryan works as Field Research Scientist and assists with farm maintenance. Heather is Administrative Manager and does data entry. Over the years, other family members, including grandchildren, have contributed part-time help when needed.

Brooks has over 30 years of experience in agricultural research and development as well as in private enterprise. His degrees in entomology and biology, and substantial field research experience with all types of agricultural chemicals and biologicals, provide a sound basis for quality research projects. Brooks’ longstanding associations with prominent growers and Pest Control Advisors, as well as university researchers, enable many opportunities for field research trials.

Home Farm2The original Two Bees Ag Research Farm is located near Escalon, CA, on approximately 15 acres of intensively planted permanent and annual crops. Permanent plantings include stone fruits (peaches, nectarines and plums), citrus (several types), two varieties of wine grapes, and pomegranates. Annual crops include tomatoes (processing and fresh market), peppers, cucurbits of various kinds, root crops, corn, legumes, grains, cole crops, herbs, and almost any other crop requested.

Our state-of-the-art irrigation system provides drip or sprinkler irrigation as per crop requirements. We have both a shadehouse and a greenhouse available for projects requiring greenhouse culture.

Almond Farm2A second, 11 acre, research farm comprised of 9th leaf Independence variety almonds, with a micro-sprinkler irrigation system, was added in 2013. Additionally, in 2018, wine grapes were planted on the second farm. This provides the closely monitored and controlled conditions so valuable to a research project.

We are dedicated to providing quality service and are known for our thoroughness, flexibility, promptness, and ability to adapt to our clients’ needs.

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